11/02/2015 Update

It’s been awhile since I updated this. October and November are some pretty busy months going in to the Holiday season for me at work and stuff, also just moved this weekend so it has been super busy!

I’m going to put on the IPS Quad Tip Exhaust that I got a few weeks ago this weekend as well as the Wideband finally.. Also replacing the front wheel hub assemblies on both of the fronts and putting the stock wheels back on it in preparation for winter. My Expedition is down with a rusted out power steering line and bad heater core, two things I have no time to work on right now, so it looks like the VR4 is getting driven for the beginning parts of winter because I don’t see myself having time to fix the truck until mid December or mid January sadly lol.

Draining all the fluids and refilling fresh this weekend to make sure shes good to go for winter. It has 20w50 oil in it right now, so I’m going to change that out for 10w40 for the winter. The car will be going through car wash twice a week to try to keep the salt off. It was fun to drive during the tail end of winter last year, so it should be fine.

08/28/2015 Updates

Ordered my MAFT and some black silicon couplers from Ninja Performance. Got my AEM Tru Boost in the mail from another member and I went to the junk yard today and pulled a pretty nice 3in GM MAF off a wrecked Malibu with a really clean engine bay for $20 lol…

So now I’m going to cut up an aluminum y pipe I got that looks like it came from eBay and fit this GM MAF to it with some couplers. Blow thru setup is only waiting for parts in the mail! Pretty exciting.

08/09/2015 Updates

Today I installed some aftermarket BOV, no idea what it is but its loud and I love it. Also installed EGR block offs.

Finally fixed my idle issues too!!! Turned out to be the fuel injectors o rings or insulators. Replaced them all and spark plugs today, car is running better than ever since I bought it!

7/19/2015 Updates

I’m beat. Fixed my power steering leak finally, replaced my TB with a rebuilt one, fixed my cruise control. Also found and fixed a couple vacuum leaks.

I can hear what sounds like another vac leak coming from under my plenum. Didn’t have any more time to work on it today so I didn’t find the problem yet.

7/17/2015 Updates

Installed my new Evo 9 BOV today, wish every repair/upgrade was as easy as that was lol.

Excited to install the rest of the parts I have piled up here this weekend, hoping the car will be okay for awhile finally.

Also just a fun note, I’ve been daily driving this thing for about 3 months now and fixing everything that breaks within a week of it breaking typically. It has been really good at keeping me broke. After the wideband and the cruise control vacuum leak fix, I might be able to save up some money instead of blowing every pay check haha. About time to start saving for the big stuff!

The list is getting smaller! Stuff I still need:

1. 15g turbos (Planning to get these in November maybe.)
2. Built block – Going to have my cousin build it or I’m going to keep my eyes out for a local one to come up relatively cheap.
4. Aftermarket fuel pump and hotwire kit.
5. Hard pipes and oohnoo’s SMIC (Unless I decide to just go with FMIC)

I’ll probably buy the fuel pump and GM MAF stuff in the next couple of weeks then save to buy the two bigger items. I’m hopeful that the car is going to be built and ready to tear up the streets and track by spring 2016!

7/16/15 Updates

So I have some updates. Receiving parts that are going to be installed this weekend and installing some parts that I’ve had sitting in my closet waiting to be installed.

– Received my rebuilt throttle body today, very hopeful that it is going to fix my idle issues once and for all.
– Received a new wheel hub assembly to fix my bad drivers side wheel bearing.
– Received these small LED bars that I am going to try out as replacement fog lights. I got them on eBay, won’t be too upset if it doesn’t work out since it was only $7. I’ll have to take picture once I have them hooked up. They look like the fog lights on my girlfriends Chevy Cruze.
– Received new tie rod ends from Ninja, should be installing this weekend.
– Finishing hooking up my Chome ECU this weekend, apparently I missed a step hooking up a power wire which is why my Tactrix OpenPort 2.0 wouldn’t see that it was hooked up.
– Installing my Evo 9 BOV when it arrives today.

Ordering an AEM Wideband tomorrow to pretty much complete my tuning experience. Found a vacuum leak from the cruise control vacuum that I am also getting.

Things seem to be falling in to place now, I’m hopeful that it will stay that way.

Krank Vents

Installed Krank Vents today! I’ve been fighting with an issue with some issues with the car blowing out a lot of smoke. I suspect it is due to old valve stem seals, but it could also be piston rings or issue with the turbos. The Krank Vents did help a good bit but didn’t completely eliminate the smoke.