Delays but also good news!

The VR4 race car build is a little delayed at this point because I picked up a new daily and I want to put a little bit of money in to that.  So since race season is pretty much over, the VR4 is going to be sitting for a little while longer while I beef up my daily a little bit.

So on to the good news, my new daily!  I picked up a 98 Mitsubishi Eclipse GST Spyder on August 21st (Same day we had the solar Eclipse haha.)  It is black with tan and black interior, tan top, and had 123k miles on it.  The car is mostly stock it looks like, has an aftermarket exhaust (no idea what brand or anything), some eBay exhaust manifold and what appears to be an eBay 16G turbo (may be a 14b, not sure yet.)

Here are some of the issues I’ve encountered after almost a week of owning the car, some of which I’ve already fixed.

  • It has a big crack in the windshield on the passenger side.  So far hasn’t really caused me any issues, but I fully intend on replacing the windshield in the next couple of weeks.
  • Stock intercooler setup on the Eclipse isn’t great.  Not sure if it is leaking at all yet, but for safe measure, I have an FMIC kit on the way.
  • Stock blow off valve wasn’t tightened down very well and was also leaking.  I replaced it with an Evo 8 BOV that I had in my garage already and it is holding boost a lot better.
  • Belts were squealing really bad at start up.  Belts are brand new, I found that the people who put them on didn’t tension them enough so they were pretty lose, it was causing issues with the idle when I’d have the AC on or headlights because the belt was slipping a lot.  Tightened those up and all of those issues went away.
  • Convertible top has one broken bar in it (need to weld it back together I think) which makes putting it up and down a painful process.  There is also a small rip in the top, but it isn’t leaking because it was patched from the inside.  The top is also tan while the car is black, which I’m not a huge fan of.  So I’m going to patch the top from the rip on the outside and found some dye that is supposed to be great for changing the color of the top that I am going to try changing it to black with.


Upgrade plans for the Eclipse as follows:

  • Forced Performance exhaust manifold is on the way to replace the eBay manifold.
  • Evo 3 16G turbo is on the way to replace the suspected eBay turbo on the car.
  • FMIC kit is on the way to replace the stock intercooler setup.
  • Tank to rail E85 compatible fuel line and E85 compatible fuel filter are sitting in my garage that I had extra before I decided to use the stock hard lines on my VR4.  Also had 2 fuel filters so I’d have a spare, so I’m just going to use one on the Eclipse.
  • 1050cc fuel injectors on the way for E85.
  • Walbro 455 E85 fuel pump is on the way.
  • FIC fuel rail that was purchased for the VR4 is going to most likely go to the Eclipse for now.
  • ECMLink V3 with Speed Density setup is on the way.
  • BlackStealth LCD Boost Controller is on the way.
  • Coilovers are on the way since the stock suspension isn’t too great that is on it right now.
  • AWD auto conversion is in the plans, but it will be awhile before I will be taking on a project of that size.  The VR4 will need to be running again before I take it down for that.

I’m thinking that with a tune, the Eclipse should be putting down around 350-400hp to the wheels on E85 which will make for a pretty fun daily driver.  VR4 is still looking to sit around 600awhp on E85 once I have it all done, but I may end up going for a bigger turbo on my VR4 down the road depending on where life takes me haha.

With two builds ongoing, my wife has still not divorced me, so lets keep our fingers crossed that she doesn’t haha.