Updates 06/19/17

The motor didn’t arrive this weekend unfortunately, so I started digging into other stuff I wanted to finish before putting the motor in.

ABS delete is done, AC delete is done, Active exhaust stuff is deleted now, broken antenna is deleted, cruise control deleted, rear wiper is deleted, all of the active aero and ECS stuff I could find besides wiring is deleted.  Removed the active aero wing also, putting a 99 Combat wing on the car when it gets painted.

So I made some progress on a little weight reduction/removal of stuff I don’t need. I decided to try to keep my power steering. I will just have to see how that goes when the motor arrives.

Found that I needed to replace one of the shifter arms on my transmission because I bought a 2G when I should have bought a 1G. So I bought the arm and the guy sent the wrong one.. So it wouldn’t have been ready this weekend to drive anyway since people don’t know how to read well I guess.

I’m probably out of time to get the motor in before my wedding unfortunately. The car was supposed to go to paint right after the motor goes in and that will take 2 weeks at the shop. Next weekend I won’t have time to work on it, then I may the following weekend if my plans to as I’d like. Sucks that all of this rushing and putting myself in debt just to get it ready for the wedding may have been for nothing. Getting married July 16th.

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