Some delays

Ran in to some more delays, the second head I got to replace the one with the cracked guides also had some cracked valve guides, but it was not nearly as bad.  So that cost me less to fix than the other one at least.

I ended up finding that the valve cover I got with the motor was also cracked, so pretty much the only thing that was of any use from the entire long block that I bought was the block itself.  More than a little frustrated about that, but I just want it to all be together and done, so I’m powering through it.  I bought a nice shaved valve cover for it that will look nice.

I also found out that the 2G motor doesn’t have the same rear bracket that the rear motor mount will mount to and that I needed a 195a (part MD136195) bracket that goes on the motor to the rear 4Gswap mount.  I ended up finding someone with the bracket and ordered it.

More bad news was that I bought a 2G DSM AWD transmission thinking that was the one I needed, when I really should have bought a 1G DSM AWD transmission.  Thankfully, modifying the 2G to work wasn’t hard, just needed to bend out one of the shifter arms to flatten it and then replace the other shifter arm (2 bolts) the one from a 1G DSM transmission.  So I have that all handled and it is noted for future reference.

And then some good news, all the parts that I needed for the swap are paid for.  At this point, I’m waiting for a couple parts to arrive in the mail and then I have to put it all together.  I’m aiming for getting a start on it this weekend if the motor is ready by then.

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