Finally have some updates, but it isn’t done yet.  Still in progress unfortunately.

I’m almost done collecting parts to get this thing all done.  I’m having my new motor built by Donnie in the next few weeks and then it will be dropped in and driving!  Finally getting a lot closer to the goal.

So for the updates part, the build has changed a little in a few ways, and for a few reasons.

Injectors choice changed – I’m going with FIC 1650cc High Z injectors instead of 2150cc injectors.  I decided to go with these after reading some really good reviews and being told my several people that I trust that they’re top notch.  Ultimately, the 1650cc injectors cost me more than I could have picked up a set of 2150cc’s for, but the reason for this is that the 1650 injectors will last a lot longer due to how they’re built.  Plus, I don’t need 2150cc injectors, I was only going to go with those to future proof a bit in case I wanted to go bigger.

Turbo choice changed – this was for several reasons, one of which is unfortunately funding.  I found a really good deal on a real Garrett GTX3076R turbo.  While I was planning on going for the GT3582R, I ended up coming to the realization that my transmission would get destroyed by the power that turbo makes.  It is also very hard to find an affordable clutch that can handle 700awhp/550+tq.  So I am going with the GTX3076R which should make around 550-600awhp/420-480~tq, which means I can go for a $450 clutch that is streetable.  With the power of the GT35R, I would have to go with either a twin disk clutch that runs $1400+ or an ACT2900 which is not very streetable.  With the GTX3076R, I can get the ACT2600 clutch that is streetable and reliable.

Ultimately, just about everything else that was planned is still on course.  Stuff that I have already for the swap as follows:

  • 7 bolt 4G63 block and head
  • Stock 2G AWD 5spd transmission and transfer case.
  • Wiseco 85.5mm forged pistons with Manely rods
  • Garrett GTX3076R turbo
  • PR T3 exhaust manifold with 38mm tial external wastegate
  • BC 272 cams
  • BC valve springs and retainers
  • 3S AEM V2 EMS
  • AEM Wideband
  • ACT StreetLite Flywheel
  • S90 Throttle body
  • Balance shaft delete kit
    And probably some other stuff I’m forgetting.

Things I still need to buy:

  • AEM Black Cam Gears (Just haven’t bought them yet)
  • ACT 2600 clutch (Will probably be the last thing that I buy)

So I’m getting a lot closer! Not a whole lot left to buy thankfully.