Starting the 4G63 build!

I traded off the Eclipse GST for a good 4G63 motor and some other performance parts for it over the weekend.  I also picked up some Weisco 85.5mm pistons and Manley rods for the motor.  It is going to get disassembled and sent to the machine shop soon!

I’m debating on turbos at this point and looking at my options.  I may end up going with a Garrett GT3582R turbo, but I still have not fully decided.  The goal is to be between 600-700awhp on E85 currently.

The VR4 motor is out!

The VR4 motor is out!  Now it is time to start cleaning out the engine bay and getting rid of all the ABS stuff, unnecessary other stuff that I’m deleting like AC lines.  I’m planning to relocate the engine fuse box to the inside of the car and the battery to the trunk while I have everything out.

A friend and I did this in a small garage with no electricity, a small propane heater, and a flashlight in 4 degree weather.  No excuses!

The 4G motor in my eclipse is getting pulled in the next week or two, then I will start to build the motor and head to drop them in to the VR4.

Goodbye Eclipse

Whatever the issue was with the eclipse where the speedometer didn’t work causing the transmission to not shift seems to be internal of the transmission. I’m not trying to have two projects going at once and decided to do as I originally intended and pulling that motor out of the Eclipse and building it to put in the VR4. This means goodbye to the Eclipse. I’m parting out the Eclipse after I pull the motor. The more I dug in to it, the more of a piece of crap the car seemed.