Purchased a 98 Eclipse GST

I purchased a 98 Eclipse GST on Monday night that has a bad vehicle speed sensor. I was thinking I would just pull the motor out of it and build it to put in the VR4, but when I got there, the car looked too nice to take apart haha. Going to replace the speed sensor this week, if that fixes it, that car may be my new DD while the VR4 is down.

So now I am still looking for a motor for the VR4, but I’ll have an Eclipse to toy around with in the mean time!

I don’t really intend to do much to the Eclipse, but I’m going to track the builds for both the VR4 and Eclipse here going forward since I do have a couple of things I would like to do with the Eclipse too. One of those things is that I am going to get a Forced Four shift box for it and try to set up some paddle shifters. I also plan on upgrading to a 20G turbo for a little bit of extra fun. ATX ~350-400HP Eclipse will make for a fun daily driver. We’ll see what happens with the Eclipse, but right now it is bone stock and will stay that way for a little while so that the funds will be going towards the VR4.

VR4 plan is still a 4G63 swap with a billet Holset HX40 on E85. I’m still planning to keep it a manual 5 speed currently. 600-700awhp will be pretty nice for that car, I’ll still be able to drive it on the street and enjoy it at the track as well.

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