Update 11/22/2016

Over the weekend, I got a lot of work done!

I cut out the 1G headlight buckets that I modified and welded in the front end from a 2G. Over all, cutting up the 1G buckets was a good way to mock up the 2G front end, but having to have custom brackets hold in the headlights and it being a pain to try to get the headlights aimed well without a proper place to sit was just getting on my nerves, so I decided to go ahead and do the job right. It looks better, everything lines up better and I am much happier.

I also installed new Kicker speakers to replace my back speakers, replaced the charcoal back interior panels with true black interior panels, and replaced my 1G sail panels with 99 sail panels.

I’ve also decided to change my build direction after researching a bit in to Eric’s 4G swapped VR4. His thread on 3si was incredibly insightful and led me to my decision to go with a built 6 bolt 4G63. I haven’t decided on what turbo I am getting yet, but the plan is to get around 650awhp~ on E85. It is less than I was planning to do on my 6G72, but it also will result in the car losing around 200lbs, which makes up for it big time.

I’m pretty excited about the direction change I am selling off a lot of the parts I’ve been saving up. I’m going to return under my hood to close to stock while I start gathering up parts for the swap.