Update 09/20/2016

Installed Walbro 450 E85 pump today and the hose that goes to the fuel hat from the hub under the car has been replaced with an SS line now.

Weekend plans are going to be installing the other SS lines at the filter, the FuelLab AFPR and my 1000cc injectors.

Update 09/18/2016

I finally bit the bullet and just bought a set of 99 headlights. I sold my 94 headlights that I was going to do the halo mod on and I’m going to sell my 2G white lexan ones as well. I’m pretty excited now, my exterior vision for this car is finally coming to life. 99 headlights, 99 sail panels, 99 rear garnish, 98 front bumper, smoked 2G corner lights, and 1G 3000GT side skirts. Exterior will be complete very soon, once I finish installing this stuff! I am going to do the halos in the 99 headlights as well. The plan is to have the car get a fresh coat of paint in March (assuming winter is done here.)

Interior is coming along nicely as well. Most of the interior is now converted over to true black interior. I plan to get some custom seat skins for the front seats and to delete the back seats soon as well. I have some nice custom floor mats on order right now as well.

It is all coming together! Motor build is in progress, new fuel setup is going to be installed over the course of the next few days as well.

Update 09/13/2016

Over the weekend, I installed my 2G true black dash, steering wheel, center console, and aluminum dash vents. That was a LOT more work that I thought it was going to be when I started. I’m glad it is done, the interior looks 100% better now. I ended up breaking the 3 center gauges while trying to put on aftermarket gauge faces, so I am just waiting for the replacement to arrive for that, but over all I am pretty happy with everything.

I also ordered a double din Sony radio that I am waiting to arrive. This will replace my single din Pioneer radio and will look a lot nicer. I’m getting really close to the goal, I’m going to finish ordering the pistons, rods and bearings over the next few weeks and then have the motor built.

Update 09/03/16

Between today and yesterday, I did a little bit of exterior modification.

Installed 99 rear garnish.

Prepped rear bumper license plate area for paint because the previous owner painted it white for some reason.

Paint done, license plate back on. So much happier with it.

Bottom lip of the front bumper platidipped black. I might do a little more with that, I love the look but not sure I am completely happy with my paint work lol.

ALSO, yesterday I went up to the old Fabberge shop and got a sweet deal on some TD05 manifolds! The rear o2 housing needs modified slightly to mate with the down pipe from what I was shown while I was there, but thankfully I know people who can fix it at almost no cost to me.

Since I got such a sweet deal on TD05 manifolds, I’ve decided that I am changing the direction of my build. I will be going for TD05 BIG 16Gs, 1000cc injectors, FuelLab AFPR and a bigger fuel pump for E85. Chris Hill made 715awhp on this kind of set up on E95, so I figure 600-650awhp should be pretty easy to achieve on E85. I’ve sold off my 15Gs and 680cc injectors and picked up a set of 1000cc injectors, a FuelLab AFPR and the manifolds, I will pick up the 16Gs after I finish building my new block and put it all in together.