Update 08-31-16

I ordered some more stuff today, the last of the exterior modifications that the car will receive until paint. I ordered 99 sail panels as well as the 99 rear garnish. My glass headlights are having the insert painted black currently, then I’ll be installing those with Morimoto halos in them.

Over the past weekend, I installed an OBX downpipe with precat eliminators and main cat test pipe to replace my IPS downpipe one that I found out was leaking. Car seems to run a little quieter but I didn’t notice any performance gain or loss with the change. Over the next couple of week, I plan to have a new AFPR to install as well as my 680cc injectors that I’ve been sitting on for awhile finally. I also have a CXRacing oil cooler with SS lines that I’m planning to install soon as well.

Walbro 255 fuel pump installed.

Yesterday I finished getting my Walbro 255 fuel pump installed. It was a pain to do because I think the previous owner but some lock tight or something in the part where the hose goes from the fuel hat.

Luckily I had a spare fuel hat, I was expecting this wouldn’t be as easy as it looked and everything loves to break on this thing when I take it apart. The car is idling higher after the install, so I will have to adjust the idle. I’m planning to hotwire the fuel pump soon since I have the kit for it. I am getting my 680cc injectors flow balanced this week then I’ll be installing those next, hopefully along with an AEM FPR if I can get one by then.