Glass headlights

I bought a set of glass headlights for a good price since they from a yellow 94 3000GT. My intention is to paint the insert black and put in some Morimoto halos. I have the halos already, now I just have to take them apart and get to working on it. I may have them in next weekend. I really like the white lexans that I have, but the black would look really nice with my carbon fiber hood I think.

FIAV Bypass Installed

I ordered an FIAV Bypass kit from Ninja Performance and installed it today. Definitely a good upgrade for someone who is constantly taking off their plenum like me (learning how to tune ends up resulting in needing new spark plugs lol.)

If anyone else buys this, I highly recommend buying it the way I did. I got the FIAV gasket and new screws with mine. You’re going to want new screws, I nearly destroyed the screws in mine trying to take them out, suckers were in there very tight.

I also removed my larger Krank Vent to see if that will help how the car is running. I’ll find out in the coming days. I reset my ECU and put all my MAFT dials back to zero (except AUX 8, BASE 2 as instructions said to do.) I already had to put the IDLE to 4 on the MAFT just to make it stay running and to make the idle stop bouncing, but it seems to idle smooth at about 900 RPMS now. I would say this is mostly thanks to that FIAV bypass because mine must have been bad, it had been creating a leak causing my idle issues for quite some time now.

Special thanks goes out to Ninja Performance once again for making such awesome products at affordable prices.