04/24/2016 Update

After a whole can of PB blaster to try to separate the fuel line on top of my fuel hat to try to swap the fuel pump – I was unsuccessful. That line is fused together with rust, so I am looking for a replacement fuel hat since I’m going to have to break the line to get it off..

On another note, I’m getting a little better at tuning I suppose lol. Car is running a lot better now, the ability to monitor knock and all of the other things from the LCDBC has been a HUGE help.

I learned that my TPS is sitting on 21% at idle from my LCDBC as well, which is a part of the problems I’ve been having. Planning to adjust that very soon, its just a pain to get to the bottom bolt of the TPS because of my hard pipes. Takes a little bit of work to get that section off.

I’m loving the LCDBC more every day, definitely the best upgrade I’ve purchased for my car. Highly recommend it to anyone with these cars, a must have upgrade.

Aside from that, I picked up 2G headlight buckets over the weekend as well as some more black interior pieces. Now I just need the front bumper and head lights/corner lights to finish up my front end conversion! I know several people weren’t thrilled about the idea of me changing a pearl white VR4 into a 2G/3G but they’re not paying for the car lol. The plan is either a 98 front bumper or a 99 front bumper, 2G head lights and I’m working on changing my 2G hood to an evil eye hood. I’ve seen others like this and its just really appealing in my opinion. Whole car will be painted with the Evo’s Wicked White once I have time to be away from the car after these parts are all ready to put on.

I’m thinking I’m going to sit my 15Gs aside for when I put my 4bolt block in after I finish building it. I don’t think its worth risking it on my 2 bolt block with its cast crank to put them on just yet.

Today, I also went out on my lunch at work and set the TPS a lot better. I had to mess with the SAS screw because someone else had messed with it in the past, ended up being a big part of my problem. I am not so sure that I even have it adjusted correctly yet. I am going to have to check the manual later and see.

It is idling a lot better, but still does a weird thing when I am driving that it has always done – the RPMs shoot up when I put in my clutch to shift gears, or even if I am just putting it in neutral slowing down. Not sure if that is part of the “no lift to shift” thing in my Chrome settings or what. I’ll try shutting that off when I get home tonight and see if it helps.

04/19/2016 Update

After fighting for a few months with a weird issue that I could only explain as “stuttering” under boost, I fixed my boost leaks and tested hooking it up to a smoker at my parents shop, changed my fuel filter (which needed changed anyway) and kept second guessing my fixes because the issue just wouldn’t go away. I played with my tune with my MAFT a lot to try to get my AFRs right and finally did after fixing the boost leaks too.

So I found my issue and fixed it – first I’ll start by saying the issue was a stupid one and I don’t know why it took me this long to try this… It was the duty cycle on my LCDBC… It was set to 20, I set it up to 40 while driving down the highway yesterday and the car INSTANTLY woke up and got in to steady boost with no problems finally! Now you would think I should have known to check this between selling my AEM tru boost and installing the LCDBC, but for some reason my brain didn’t make the connection that I did that until yesterday. I didn’t drive the car for about 2 weeks or so between swapping them because I was doing several things to the car at the same time – I figured it got messed up doing something else lol. Just to be clear – this is my fault for not changing the settings, it is nothing bad with the LCDBC. The LCDBC is still one of the best purchases I ever made for my car.

Pretty happy that the car is finally running properly now.

I have 15G turbos on the way finally! Working on getting some bigger injectors in the next couple of weeks. I got a Walbro 255 and hotwire kit from Ninja last week that I plan on installing when I install the injectors.

I decided to hold off on going E85, I plan to do it still but I think I am going to upgrade down the road a little ways when I can afford it. For now, I’m still in the process of building my 4 bolt block with forged internals and that will be the last big purchase for awhile.

Progress feels good and it feels really good getting in the car and driving it without saying “WHY IS IT DOING THAT?!” lol.

More progress today also!

On my lunch at work, I had nothing to do so I rigged up an OBD1 to OBD2 adapter to see if I could get my LCDBC communicating with my ECU and guess what!! I GOT IT! The adapter that came with my Chrome ECU apparently wasn’t able to make a good connection with the LCDBC. Now I can finally take full advantage of this awesome product!

Really excited that things are starting to fall in place finally.

04/17/2016 Update

Installed a new fuel filter yesterday. I would have installed my new Walbro 255 also but I ran out of time thanks to some idiots who decided to put superglue in the lock for my garage… I’m just glad the car stays in the garage so these idiot people don’t have a chance to mess with the car itself..

04/14/2016 Update

Over the weekend I hooked my car up the a smoker at my parents shop to find the boost leak. Found a pretty massive one coming from the little adapter thing Fabberge put in the top of my rear turbo. So for now, I put some copper silicone stuff around it until I can go grind off the threaded part from the top of the turbo and just put a coupler on it.

Aside from that, I’ll hopefully be replacing the fuel filter this weekend as well as installing my Walbro 255 fuel pump. Might be picking up some 680cc injectors soon as well. Once I have all this boost leak nonsense and fuel stuff situated, I’ll be ordering the 15Gs and installing those finally. Then it’s off to tuning land and then hoping it doesn’t blow up on me before I can finish my built block lol.