03/19/2016 Update

Got some Mushimoto radiator pipes from Ninja that arrived today, I put the top one on but not the bottom one yet. My top hose was starting to balloon up so it needed replaced for sure. Bottom one is a bitch to get to because of the intercooler pipe and preturbo pipe, so I opted to wait on putting that in until next time I have the preturbo pipe off.

Also went to the junk yard today and cut an OBD2 connector out of an eclipse so that I can make my own OBD1 to OBD2 cable since the one that came with my ECU is making me unable to connect it to my LCDBC (or so I suspect.)

03/12/2016 Update

Today I installed my Dejon tool intake pipes, rebuilt coil pack, front spark plugs and found some of my intercooler pipe couplers that weren’t very tight and tightened them to eliminate boost leaks. Also replaced my positive battery terminal because it was pretty messed up.

Tomorrow I’m going to replace the rear plugs and plug wires I think. I am thinking I might be experiencing spark blow out or a fowled plug maybe. I get on it and once it gets to max boost it starts stuttering. Not sure what’s going on but I am pretty sure that boost leaks are all gone. So that just leaves spark and fuel I think.