01/22/2016 Update

Today, I removed my AEM Tru Boost and installed my BlackStealth LCDBC. Pretty cool product and really well made, I have a lottttt to learn on it too I think.. Currently it will take me to 6psi, which I assume is default anyway. It is having an issue connnecting to my ECU, keeps saying it failed. So I’m going to have to track that down.

I set the LCDBC to be 98/99 3000GT as well as set Chrome ECU to true as BlackStealth told me to. I sent him a PM, I imagine he will know the answer pretty easily.

Also in the process of installing this and uninstalling the tru boost, my wideband decided it will only read 14.7 now… So now I have to track down what is going on with that too.. Its funny that I’m an IT guy and would rather work on the mechanic stuff than wiring lol.

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