12/03/2015 Update

So I FINALLY got my Wideband installed yesterday. It isn’t even like it was super hard, it is just finding the time that has been a big issue for me recently, holidays are busy.

Running 93 octane, here is what I’ve gathered so far.

16.8-17.0 warm idle.
14.5-15.0 cruising at 3000RPMs not into boost.
10.2 WOT at around 9~10psi.

Running my AEM Tru Boost spring at 6 and duty cycle at 60, keeps me around 9-10psi which seems like it should be okay.

I really need to learn how to tune my ECU soon, it just seems like there is way more information out there for something like SAFC than Chrome, but I don’t want to go downgrading, just need to learn how to use this thing lol.

Anyone know if those numbers are acceptable or do I need to figure out this ECU sooner rather than later? I did some searching here on the forums but I’m not coming up with any great information on this.

I also changed my MAFT back to seeing my MAF for what it is, 3in GM MAF. Car runs better like that but the hot start issue is back where it doesn’t want to start after being off for 30 minutes or so, just have to keep feathering the gas pedal for about 10 seconds to get it running right. After some research, I think this may be either related to my FPR or the fact that I deleted my fuel pressure solenoid when I did my vacuum reduction..