11/10/2015 Update

Got the IPS Quad-Tip exhaust installed over the weekend. Damn car is way louder than I hoped it would be lol.. Oh well though.

Changed oil back to 10w30 Mobil1 as well, smoking issue is back because of it. Pretty sure I need my turbos rebuilt… I have an extra set of 9bs that I don’t know if they’re any better or not, but I might toss them on and find out.

All winterized now so that is good news!


My girlfriend took some pictures with her DSLR camera last weekend, they came out pretty nice for the most part but the problem with getting pictures taken from a high quality camera is that it shows a lot of imperfections haha. Here is a bunch of pictures, I’m linking them because if I tried to just put them as showing the image, it would take awhile to load. High quality camera makes for some sizable pictures. I didn’t get any engine pics from these, really need to clean up my bay and install my nice powder coated plenum that my cousin did a few weeks ago.


11/02/2015 Update

It’s been awhile since I updated this. October and November are some pretty busy months going in to the Holiday season for me at work and stuff, also just moved this weekend so it has been super busy!

I’m going to put on the IPS Quad Tip Exhaust that I got a few weeks ago this weekend as well as the Wideband finally.. Also replacing the front wheel hub assemblies on both of the fronts and putting the stock wheels back on it in preparation for winter. My Expedition is down with a rusted out power steering line and bad heater core, two things I have no time to work on right now, so it looks like the VR4 is getting driven for the beginning parts of winter because I don’t see myself having time to fix the truck until mid December or mid January sadly lol.

Draining all the fluids and refilling fresh this weekend to make sure shes good to go for winter. It has 20w50 oil in it right now, so I’m going to change that out for 10w40 for the winter. The car will be going through car wash twice a week to try to keep the salt off. It was fun to drive during the tail end of winter last year, so it should be fine.