08/28/2015 Updates

Ordered my MAFT and some black silicon couplers from Ninja Performance. Got my AEM Tru Boost in the mail from another member and I went to the junk yard today and pulled a pretty nice 3in GM MAF off a wrecked Malibu with a really clean engine bay for $20 lol…

So now I’m going to cut up an aluminum y pipe I got that looks like it came from eBay and fit this GM MAF to it with some couplers. Blow thru setup is only waiting for parts in the mail! Pretty exciting.

08/09/2015 Updates

Today I installed some aftermarket BOV, no idea what it is but its loud and I love it. Also installed EGR block offs.

Finally fixed my idle issues too!!! Turned out to be the fuel injectors o rings or insulators. Replaced them all and spark plugs today, car is running better than ever since I bought it!