7/17/2015 Updates

Installed my new Evo 9 BOV today, wish every repair/upgrade was as easy as that was lol.

Excited to install the rest of the parts I have piled up here this weekend, hoping the car will be okay for awhile finally.

Also just a fun note, I’ve been daily driving this thing for about 3 months now and fixing everything that breaks within a week of it breaking typically. It has been really good at keeping me broke. After the wideband and the cruise control vacuum leak fix, I might be able to save up some money instead of blowing every pay check haha. About time to start saving for the big stuff!

The list is getting smaller! Stuff I still need:

1. 15g turbos (Planning to get these in November maybe.)
2. Built block – Going to have my cousin build it or I’m going to keep my eyes out for a local one to come up relatively cheap.
4. Aftermarket fuel pump and hotwire kit.
5. Hard pipes and oohnoo’s SMIC (Unless I decide to just go with FMIC)

I’ll probably buy the fuel pump and GM MAF stuff in the next couple of weeks then save to buy the two bigger items. I’m hopeful that the car is going to be built and ready to tear up the streets and track by spring 2016!

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