7/16/15 Updates

So I have some updates. Receiving parts that are going to be installed this weekend and installing some parts that I’ve had sitting in my closet waiting to be installed.

– Received my rebuilt throttle body today, very hopeful that it is going to fix my idle issues once and for all.
– Received a new wheel hub assembly to fix my bad drivers side wheel bearing.
– Received these small LED bars that I am going to try out as replacement fog lights. I got them on eBay, won’t be too upset if it doesn’t work out since it was only $7. I’ll have to take picture once I have them hooked up. They look like the fog lights on my girlfriends Chevy Cruze.
– Received new tie rod ends from Ninja, should be installing this weekend.
– Finishing hooking up my Chome ECU this weekend, apparently I missed a step hooking up a power wire which is why my Tactrix OpenPort 2.0 wouldn’t see that it was hooked up.
– Installing my Evo 9 BOV when it arrives today.

Ordering an AEM Wideband tomorrow to pretty much complete my tuning experience. Found a vacuum leak from the cruise control vacuum that I am also getting.

Things seem to be falling in to place now, I’m hopeful that it will stay that way.

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