Some updates

I have some updates, not really any progress made.

The car is on the road and has been for about a month now on and off. Things have been hit or miss this past month and I’ve dealt with a few issues.

1. Had a fun nightmare with locking lug nuts that resulted in me breaking one of the studs on my rear passenger side wheel hub. I have a replacement on its way.

2. Found out that my nice wheels that were on my NA won’t fit on my VR4 because the front calipers are too big. Ordered some wheel spacers, they’re on the way.

3. I was blowing clouds of white smoke every time I took off. I did some research and saw that some people were swearing by Royal Purple HPS 20w50, so I ordered some and changed my oil with it. No more big clouds of white smoke now, but it will blow a puff of blue smoke when I take off after the car warms up. Suspecting a PCV valve, going to order a replacement one on Friday.

4. Pretty sure one of my front wheel bearings is bad, not sure which one yet. I ordered wheel hub assemblies from NAPA as well as rear rotors that need replaced only to find that NAPA has no idea what our cars are and assumes that they’re all FWD, so every single part was wrong. Took those all back and ordering the stuff online this weekend.

5. I got a DNP Y-Pipe installed, a little bit of bling for the engine bay lol. Not sure if it has any performance gains or not..

6. Cleaned out my incredibly dirty K&N cone filter that I had on my NA that I moved to my VR4. It is amazing what cleaning that thing can do because I think I gained 5MPG in gas mileage since doing it lol.

7. I pulled in to my drive way over the weekend then later found a big puddle in the drive way. My heart sank at first thinking it was oil until I realized it wasn’t purple (lol royal purple oil is nice..) I couldn’t figure out what it was at first, I found where it was coming from and thought it might be a brake line in the back, then jacked it up to find that it was one of my AWS lines… So I suppose one of the next mods to go on the list will be an AWS delete unfortunately unless I can find a way to repair the line.

Still a lot of maintenance to do before I start throwing any big upgrades at it. I don’t regret bringing this thing from near death yet, but I sure have cussed at it a lot lol..

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