The Start

Hello everyone. I’d like to start by listing what I am starting with here.

I bought a 92 VR4 back in January 2015 with 162k miles on it and had a decent amount of issues. When I bought the car, it had blue Corbeau racing seats in it, which I did not like and the factory seats the guy had looked pretty much new. So I took those seats out, sold them and put the factory ones back in. I gotta ride in comfort lol.

So for the issues that are now fixed:
– Big dent in the oil pan, because its apparently the best place to put a floor jack, or so the previous owner thought… Fixed 2 days after buying the car when I discovered it.
– Weird clunking when I hit a bump, found that the strut towers were not even finger tight, fixed that about a week after buying it.
– The guy said in his ad “New brakes”, which I found to be very wrong. Never buy a car at night when you can’t see to call someone on stuff like this. Replaced pads and rotors all the way around.
– For unknown reasons, the previous owner had put a FWD transmission in the car. Assuming he blew up his TC or transmission and decided FWD was cheaper so he could sell it. Everything converted back to AWD with the stronger 25 spline transmission and transfer case instead of the 18 spline that it would have come with from the factory (04/11/15.)
– While replacing the transmission, the clutch fell to pieces since it clearly could not handle the power of a VR4 and the Flywheel looked really rough. Replaced the Flywheel with an OEM VR4 flywheel and the clutch with an XTD Stage 3 clutch.
– A lot of the interior trim pieces were painted white for some reason. I bought ones that weren’t painted from a local 3S member and replaced them.
– All the belts including the timing belt looked like they’ve never even been changed in the cars poor life. Replacing all of them and doing the 60k maintenance on 04/18/15.
– I installed my bearing loaded short shifter from 3sx that I had on my old NA 3000GT the day after I bought the VR4 as well.

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